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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Madonna Reportedly Dating Jesus


Madonna has shifted from ex-husband Guy Ritchie, Yankee Slugger boy-toy Alex Rodriguez to a new Fella Jesus L pop icon, who has played with religious images throughout his career, was taken yesterday in New York on a date with 22 years, Brazilian model called you guessed it: Jesus Luz.

Oprah Winfrey And Tyler Perry Together At Last

Oprah Winfrey

Push, a film about an emotional Brooklyn overweight adolescents, premiered at Sundance and was acquired in a deal with Lionsgate fat. Winfrey and Perry jumped in line and will be involved in promoting the film.. Oprah Winfrey and sang Tyler Perry driven to approve: Based on the novel by Sapphire through their production company, Harpo Films and 34th Street Films.

2009 Arizona Cardinals Opponents

Arizona Cardinal

Although the dates and times of games will not be announced until the schedule was released in April, here is that the Cardinals will face in 2009.. This came out after the season ended in late December, I had never touched, and I figured the best way to go is to take a look at next year for the calendar Arizona Cardinal.



Previous Divas uncovered include all Sable, Torrie Wilson, Candice Michelle and of course, the beautiful Maria. Vince McMahon is ready to make his company more PG-rated, in an attempt to gain advertisers and parents. With the goal of a WWE more family-friendly products this year, fans fear pleasure yearly Diva in a Playboy may be nearing the end. This could mean the end of a tradition of WrestleMania WWE stunner stripping naked adult mag.

Noaa Weather Radio Triggers Tornado Warnings Wednesday

National Oceanic And Atmopsheric Administration

The National Oceanic And Atmopsheric Administrationis encourage schools, businesses and the public to use the drill to practice tornado safety plans.. L exercise is part of a major Weather Awareness Week in Georgia. The message that accompanies the signal are identified as a practice drill. When the radio transmission time starts a tornado warning at 9:10 am on Wednesday, listening carefully, because there is a tornado drills.